How Metaverse Is Shaping The Future Of Influencer Marketing

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How Metaverse Is Shaping The Future Of Influencer Marketing

Whether it’s about developing a startup business or incorporating it into marketing—the metaverse is just everywhere in recent times. And in the upcoming years metaverse will bring a massive change in companies in terms of selling products, building traffic, and creating value. 

But what is its impact on influencer marketing? Metaverse has the potential to build communication and relationships with potential clients that will offer new opportunities for brands and influencers. 

Here, in this post, we will learn how influencer marketing can adopt the metaverse technology and what it will bring in the upcoming years.

The Metaverse and the Influencer Marketing

Amazon’s former director Matthew Ball explained the metaverse as the “next level of the internet.” The fantastic combination of AI, Web 3.0 network, and virtual and augmented reality will help to shape the metaverse technology in a new way that will become an integral part of digital strategy.

Influencer marketing had also come a long way. It was worth $1.7 billion in 2016 and $ 13.8 billion in 2021. For businesses, it is today a sure-shot way to boost your online visibility and target a larger audience.

Although influencer campaigns started with celebrities, the micro and nano influencers are now creating new opportunities for the brands. 

Role of the Metaverse in Influencer Marketing

How about hosting a virtual cooking show if you are a food influencer or a virtual travel experience as a travel influencer? Yes, it’s definitely possible when you integrate metaverse into your influencer marketing. It is a good opportunity for the creators to make an interaction with the audience.

Instead of experiencing live streaming, influencers can engage people to be a part of that experience. It will ultimately build trust and increase the number of followers.

NFTs ( Non-fungible tokens) can also play an integral role in enhancing the economy of the influencers. With NFTs, it is easy to make collaboration between brands and influencers.

That will generate new revenues and encourage clients to become a part of that community. Such as getting access to experience virtual goods and other content as an NFT holder after making the collaboration with the brand and influencer. 

Influencers can earn a one-time upfront fee after collaborating with a brand. But in the NFT ecosystem, an influencer will get a reward on the basis of the campaign’s performance or a commission whenever the content is shared.

What are the Opportunities Metaverse can bring for Influencer Marketing?

Incorporating the metaverse in influencer marketing presents a huge change across industries. Brands can get benefit from their influencer partner by introducing digital brand avatars. And it will offer the influencers to gain followers in their virtual space. 

Recently, Post Malone and Media.Monks collaborated on a hybrid online-offline promotion to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon brand with a virtual concert. It gained around 10 million views on Twitch and YouTube.

Many brands have already started to take advantage of the metaverse, NFTs, and influencer marketing. In short, the faster you incorporate this new dynamic, the greater your benefits in the future. 

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