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How To Use White Spaces In Web Designing

Whenever we think about ” things to do for designing” our web page, white space is the last thing on the list, Right? But, it should not be. 

You might think white space is just emptiness. But, it is not. The page you’re reading won’t read the same if you didn’t have white text.

Here is how it would look. And that’s even with white spaces between words. But if you didn’t have any white spaces it can look way more terrible. Likeyouwouldnotevenhavespacesbetweenwords. And if you think that’s all that white spaces do. No, they do a lot more. There are white spaces between lines. There are white spaces between paragraphs. There are white spaces between logos. And between images. It’s what makes things look good to the human eye. Like if we kept on making a paragraph bigger, it won’t look good. And that’s why you need a space between paragraphs. Or even a new paragraph.

So, how do you use white space for your site? 

What is White Space?

White space, also known as negative space, is the unmarked area around content and elements like logos, text, and imagery on your web page.

There are different types of white space, such as the empty space around or within the images, spaces between letters and text (called kerning in typography), and the white margins on the page. 

The white space started to gain popularity during the 20th century when designers recognized its versatility and significance in their work. The importance of white space in web designing is endless. 

Importance of White Space in Web Designing

It might be an invisible space for the visitors, but it plays a crucial role in increasing the traffic to the website and enhancing the user experience.

Builds harmony

Nobody wants to visit a noisy and unstructured website. Using white space for web designing helps the readers feel safe and comfortable. And also boost the readability of the website.

Boost legibility

Applying the white space perfectly between the words, letters, and text helps users quickly comprehend the content on your web page.

Compels users to take action

White space has the potential to highlight calls-to-action (CTAs) that ultimately directs the visitors to buy the products, schedule an appointment, or search for more information.

Keep it organized

Do you want to visit a webpage that has no flow between the content? Of course not. White space in web design can maintain visual hierarchy by creating empty space between the content. It helps to build better visibility of the content by representing it as well-structured and developing a better reading experience for the users. 

Maintain your brand tone

White space is a modern design element to incorporate into websites. So, using it skillfully can catch the users’ attention and help to communicate with the brand’s style and tone.

Tips for incorporating White Space into Web Designing

  1. Understanding the use of macro and micro white space will help you achieve the purpose of your website. Micro white space is the smaller spaces around the content, while the macro white space is the larger space within the elements. Even the smallest change in these white spaces may bring a significant change to the webpage. And a masterful use of it can increase legibility as well.
  2. Maintaining the visual hierarchy with the help of white space is another important thing you need to know. It can highlight the most important part of the web page. So, using it properly will reduce confusion for the visitors about where to focus or what to read next. 
  3. Almost all websites use a call-to-action button to engage traffic to their website. Try to apply white space around the CTAs like “Subscribe now”, “Make an appointment”, or “Shop now” options. But don’t isolate them completely from the content. Just use them with proper white space so that it will compel the users to click on them without any distractions.  


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