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The privacy policy protects privacy rights of an individual’s personal information that is gathered. This statement discloses all the ways in which an organization collects and uses the clients’ information. This document applies to the Site and its services.

When one wants to register to the site, personal information like name, e-mail or web site URL is asked to be filled up. 

Reasons for collecting information:

In order to personalise an experience so that personal requirements can be attended to:

Personal feedback and information helps improve the quality of the website

Customers feedback helps enhance the standard of service provided by the website according to customer needs

It helps in responding to the customers personally via emails. 

Personal and non personal identification information:

Personal identification information such as correct Name, Email address, phone number, and mailing address is required to be filled up. Submitting one’s personal information is not mandatory but not doing so blocks the User from certain areas of the site. 

Non personal identification information includes technical information about the way of connecting to the website like operating system, internet provider etc. It collects information such as the browser name and the type of computer. 

The information provided is discreet and protected by various security measures. 

Use of Cookies:

Cookies is used to transfer small files by a site or its service provider to a computer hard drive in order to gather and remember certain information of your browser, only if allowed. This helps in recognizing and understanding one’s needs for future reference. This helps improve overall site experience. Third parties might be involved in order to help accessing the needs of the User. The third parties are strictly prohibited from using any of the information collected for the site. 

Disclosure of information to other parties:

Personal identification information provided to the site is never revealed, sold or transferred to any other site, outside its own. The third parties that work with the site are sometimes accessible to this information but is under legal terms to not use them or reveal them in any way. Personal identification information is only revealed when law requires it to do so, enforcing site policies and protects rights to safety and property for all. The online privacy policy only adheres to information collected online and is not responsible for any collected offline. 

Non personal identification information can however be used for marketing, advertising and other such purposes. 

Third parties have to follow the rules of the main site but these parties also have policies of their own and the main site is not liable for the third parties’ activities. 

The site is well programmed to not allow unauthorized access to any of the contents and information saved by the site. 


Users having Cookies might be sent ads from the site by the advertising partners. This is in order to collect non personal identification information about the user. The user is sent ads in order to be able to recognize the computer. 

Affiliation of marketing and advertising:

The site is assisted by other external parties for helping it generate sales from its referrals. The personal identification information however is not accessible only the non personal identification information is in legal terms. This helps in better market penetration and access by the site. The websites target specific groups of internet users. It is a form of e-commerce and online payments are better handled. 

Privacy policy alterations:

The site is liable to change its privacy policies at any given time. In such a case the site mentions its revised policy status at the bottom of the page. Users should check the site regularly to understand how personal identification information is protected and secured by the site.

Terms and conditions agreement:

The site can only be used if the terms and conditions, and policies are agreed upon by the user.