Site Speed Up – Basic


What we will do:

  • Cache optimization
  • Defer JS and Async Css and JS where applicable
  • Browser side optimizations
  • Preload fonts
  • Preload cache
  • CSS and JS optimization

We also offer 6 months of support on all related issues.


  • You may need to go for our Complete Package should you have a poor theme, or major theme and site issues – in which case we may need to redo your site from scratch.


Improve your website speed in a jiffy. This is a great package if you’ve not sped up your website, and are just using a default theme. We guarantee your site will be faster than before. This is a great choice if you are looking for faster sites without paying a significant amount.

If you are using a well-coded theme, your site should be 90%+ on Google Pagespeed and GTMetrix after we work our magic. Remember, poorly coded themes like The7 cannot be made to run faster. We can only promise a 30% speed increase should your site not be edited for speed performance issues earlier.


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