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The Benefits of Tablets for Salespeople

                     Don’t Leave Behind Your Most Important Tool! 

                        The Benefits of Tablets for Salespeople

Remember the times when your boss screeched his lungs out just because you were caught using your phone or tablet during a client meeting? Well, those times seem to be history now with an increasing number of salespeople shifting to the tablet in order to do their jobs better. Now the situation has reversed. If you are on a client call and happen to forget your tablet, chances are your boss will be mad at you. The reason for his anger is simple: you are leaving behind your most important tool. How will you manage the marathon task of data collection from your client meetings? The implementation of the tablet for salespeople has changed everything. In fact, if you are a sales guy or gal, you are going to love the magic that a tablet can weave. Let me tell you how it happens…

What is your biggest challenge?

If you are a professional salesperson, the answer to this question should be a cakewalk. The biggest challenge for a salesperson is not making the sales. Actually, it is all about building a strong data bank. For this purpose, you may have to meet so many people during the course of the day. But, can you remember their names, interests and current requirements when you sit to collate the day’s work? Sadly, the answer to this question is never satisfactory. However, when you start using a tablet, the situation is sure to improve. When you start using a tablet as an integral part of the sales process, you are actually adding a system to the process implementation. You have several apps to choose from that will help you procure this data and accordingly give you the right combination of products that you should put forth.

A few examples…

We have told you about apps that help in gathering data and synchronizing it. But, what are these apps? How do they work? Are there any restrictions or can I use them for all types of sales? These questions are bound to arise once you are intrigued by the tablet’s abilities. However, there are ample examples to put your questions to rest and reinstall your faith in the usability of the tablet.

Here are a few examples of some of the tools developed exclusively to facilitate the job of a salesperson:

This is an example of an app developed for the iPad where you can gather the minutes of a meeting, analyze data and make quick decisions. These benefits along with local storage that allows you to save your meeting minutes even if you don’t have Internet accessibility make a powerful app. Furthermore, this smart data entry app is very tablet friendly and makes it easier for you to analyze mounds of data in a few seconds.


Apps like Evernote provide you the platform to link various sets of information stored in the app. Evernote allows you to integrate meeting minutes with audio files, pictures or videos that pertain to a common subject whenever required. This can be a valuable feature as it decreases the amount of time spent rustling papers and searching through folders to find reference material from previous meetings conducted on similar agendas.

Google Forms

Google Forms is another interesting innovation by Google that helps in data collection. Imagine a situation where you have met the client, done the talking and have built the rapport. Suddenly, your company wants you to collect feedback on an existing product or you are asked to bring data from your client after there are talks to launch a new range. If it wasn’t for the convenience of technology and gadgets like the tablet, this would have meant going back to the client and starting all over again. But, with the tablet, all you need to do is create a Google form and the data will walk into your inbox.


CamScanner acts as a scanner using your tablet camera and is a very effective tool when you need to keep a record of an important document. This way you don’t need to walk around with the original hard document and risk losing or damaging it. It can also be easily shared online or printed whenever the need arises.

Game Plan

With Game Plan, salespeople get a sales enablement and marketing app that offers instant aggregation from the cloud storage to the iPad, organizes files easily, and analyzes and report on file usage. You’ll be able to easily give custom presentations to clients with their iPad app. Game Plan is also a great tool for marketing departments to push all of the newest and up to date materials to your salesforce. We’re big fans of Game Plan and the value it brings to field sales reps.


These are just a few hand-picked gems from the many sales enablement apps that continue to attract salespeople towards the usability of the tablet. You can find hundreds more where this came from. Just as you read this, thousands of salespeople are shifting to the convenience of the tablet and registering a constant increase in their profits. The tablet is a compact way for salespeople to carry their world around with them. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? So, if your boss is not on board with the tablet yet, it’s high time you woke him up to smell the hot coffee!

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