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Why Typography Is Important In Web Designing

Typography is the art of arranging letters and words in a way to enhance visuality, legibility, and easy navigation of your website.

It can bring life to the texts when you incorporate different font styles, structures, and appearances. In recent times, typography has started to play a crucial role in print and digital communications. 

In simple words, it can bring a pleasing experience to readers, which ultimately helps you build traffic for the website.

Use of typography.
Use of typography. Source: Shutterstock

What are the types of Typography?

We often misunderstand typefaces and fonts and tend to use them interchangeably. But you should know typefaces are design styles that come with many different sizes and weights of letters, whereas fonts are used to display text graphically. So, let’s check out what are the four types of typefaces that you can use,

  • Serif: It is the most traditional one, official and consistent. Serif is effective for improving the readability of long paragraphs.
  • Sans-serifs: It is simpler than Serif, commonly beneficial for low-resolution displays, and a good option for web design. Serif and Sans-serif are for headlines or content that includes logos, titles, and many more. 
  • Slab serif: You can use it to gain attention for your websites among readers with its fantastic thick and bold features.
  • Script: This typeface can be used for varied and dynamic handwriting strokes and special events such as prominent headings. 

Importance of Typography in Web Designing

Typography is not just about selecting an attractive typeface for your web design, but it serves as a crucial part of UI design. 

Great typography will offer graphical balance and visual hierarchy for the website and control the overall tone of the digital products. In short, without using proper typography is pretty impossible to develop a positive user experience. 

1. Maintain the consistency

What will make your website looks professional? It’s the typography. Yes, it includes several guidelines to generate a messaging hierarchy and maintain consistency across the site. This consistency of the fonts ultimately improves readability by preventing a complicated and unwieldy interface.

2. Catch the attention

Good typography is essential to develop a visual hierarchy, which means organizing the contents to mention their importance. It helps to direct the readers’ attention to the areas of your web pages you want to emphasize. 

3. Build recognition

Well, we all know typography can build uniqueness for a website. But it’s also good for building engagement for potential users when they start connecting with the typeface displayed on the web pages with your brand. With the help of distinctive and cohesive typography, you can build trust and recognition among users that will aid grow your business.

4. Feature hierarchy

The most important feature of all, typography maintains a visual hierarchy. The method is to distinguish important copy pieces and represent them first. So, when the user visits your website, it will show them the essential parts early on that you want to direct their attention to.  

Why do we use Typography in Web Designing?

Typography is the key factor for the website if you want to develop an alluring visual impact, engage users or communicate a range of messages. In contrast to print typography, it is easy for designers to create greater flexibility and fluidity with digital typography.

Although you must know there is a range of factors to consider before using the typography that will be accessible effectively for different devices. 

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